Playstore Selections Limited in 7.1 TV
Loaded the Android 7.1 TV version and it performs well. Issues I have:

Google Playstore selections are incomplete -  I want to add a browser like Chrome and the Spectrum TV app and other apps.  SEARCH in Playstore does not have them.  How to add applications outside of the Playstore provided

Google Search prompts for speaking, but I don't have a microphone.  How to change default to typing in search?

How to shrink margins in display?

Thanks in advance!
i also wanna ask about this, hope there is answer soon
Sideload apps you want. ATV does not have the full selection of apps. Ayufan already has an engineering version of regular android (with regular app store). Have you tried the stock android build ? - dont remember if that comes with 'regular' playstore.

Regarding margins - what you're experiencing is called overscan - please google it (it can be changed on your monitor). There is also a setting in the settings menu called 'zoom'.
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