(potential) work-around for Playstore authentication issue
Hello Everyone.
I too have had some issues with the playstore, receiving" DL5-" and "auth error" messages even though my profile is logged into google.
I will state at this point that I`m using android 5.1 and i have a twin AA clock battery pack fitted.
However, I have noticed that my device registers the correct time about 6 seconds after bootup. The time zone I had to change manually. This was before I fitted the battery pack.

I followed the "add account" instructions (settings/accounts/ +add account/ google)
I then entered my existing account email and clicked next.
the page refreshes and a little line of type in red says "account already exists". Below this is a blue link that says "having trouble finding your account?". I clicked it.  
It then asked for my country and mobile (cell phone ) number. I typed it in. clicked next. The screen then asked for my name - first and last. This entered, I clicked next.  A white box appeared - "google will send a code to .(your number) to verify your account". I clicked verify.  A few seconds later the screen brought up a G -code verication box. An sms message arrived a moment later on my phone and I entered the code. Validated.

I have switched the device off and on twice now and it contiunes to work. longer trials may yield different results.
If this works for you, then all credit should go to those have posted in this area before myself.
Keex, luke, NexusDude and anyone else I have overlooked.
All I did was blunder into this. I would not have arrived at it without following their instructions.
If it fails, blame me.

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