Automate checking whether the Pinecil is still in stock
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Here is a quick way to see whether the Pinecil gets back in stock.
I've been meaning to get one, but it is out of stock. To automate my stalking of pine's website, i've written this python script and thought that I could share it if someone thinks that it's neat:
import requests as r
from tkinter import messagebox as m
import tkinter as tk
import os

url = ""

#don't show a main window
root = tk.Tk()

response = r.get(url)

source = response.text

startIndex = source.find("<title>")
endIndex = source.find("</title>")

if (startIndex == -1) or (endIndex == -1):
    m.showerror(title="could not check", message="please check your internet connection")

if("[Out of Stock]" in source[startIndex:endIndex]):
    m.showinfo(title="OUT OF STOCK", message="the Pinecil is stil out of stock, unfortunately")
    choice = m.askquestion(title="IN STOCK", message="THE PINECIL IS BACK\nGo to the store?")
    if choice == 'yes':
        os.system("firefox "+url)
This will show the following when executed

the only thing left then is to add a menu item with the command:
python ~/
(replace "~/checkPinecil" with the path to your saved file)

Then you can easily check whether it is available Smile

P.s. I am aware of how useless this is, but I was bored and this is the result.

Best Regards, Julius
haha! this is awesome. i'd happily alter that and point people to it for the pbp, tab, and phone, too Big Grin
Hi. I'm not a python programmer. But I made a couple of small changes for Linux.

up the top put the following for direct execution. Assuming that's where you can find your python

and this down the bottom. replacing firefox with xdg-open to be a little more generic:
os.system("xdg-open "+url)

In my case it opens a tab in chromium because it's my default browser.

don't forget to chmod +x if you want to run the file directly.

e: Thanks again for posting. I just got the basics of your program running in MicroPython on an eap32. So I now have the basis of a standalone in-stock alert.
(02-01-2021, 08:45 PM)ImmortanJoe Wrote:

os.system("xdg-open "+url)
Those are good changes, I didn't really give machine independence a lot of thought when I wrote it.
I'm glad that this could serve as a basis, your project sounds really cool
Any rumor as to when the next will go on sale?

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