Replacement Power Cord recommendation?
A few months ago, I dropped my Pinebook Pro.  Not from very high, about desk level.  The system continued operating as normal, but I found that the power cord had snapped.  I have tried ordering replacements based on the specs of the DC cord listed on the website, but none of the replacements have fit in.

Does anyone have any power cord replacement recommendations?  I'd greatly appreciate it.
The cord broke?? I would expect that there is more damage!

You can buy the whole wall wart power supply for ~£10.

I suspect that you'll also need a new PCB with barrel jack, but I don't see that for sale.

Many users don't even use that charger, as you can charge the PBP with a USB-C charger. However, I feel that the barrel jack is a better solution.
Yeah, it landed on a weird angle right on top of the cord.  I was really surprised that nothing on my system was affected.  I mean, I'm running it right now.

I've had to use the USB-C for charging since then, but I find that not all USB-Cs are created equal.  The only one I could get to supply it with power were my USB-Cs from Canakit, designed for the Pi.  But yeah, like you said, I'd like a more dedicated charging solution.
My only concern is that the little board that the barrel jack is mounted on is broken. That, and/or the barrel jack itself. To tear the copper conductors and their PVC covers takes more than enough force to break both of those things.

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