PinePhone postmarketOS edition does not boot up properly anymore, black screen loops
So I've had my postmarketOS device for several months now.

About two days ago, after I shut it down, it loops to a black screen after I enter my password and the postmarketOS image appears and the kernel info shows. All that is visible is the terminal cursor blinking at the top left corner. It loops until I hard reset or runs out of battery power.

I've tried attached a microSD card to the phone per other people's advice before booting but that does not address the problem.

I don't have any images to demonstrate but I would appreciate any advice to further diagnosing the issue. It will take some time and resources, however, to obtain another Linux device that could connect to the board. Perhaps the flash memory is full?

Would it be recommended to trigger the Reset button on the back?
Did you put an OS on the SD?
(01-11-2021, 11:59 PM)Veraendert Wrote: Did you put an OS on the SD?

I am having this problem too.
I have not installed the OS to the SD card.

After boot I get the Mobian splash screen and then nothing.
Any ideas?
I've read something about Mobian and a difficult update that may result in a black screen. I'll look it up. Meanwhile, you can still boot an OS from SD card.

Should be this problem:

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