How to Fix Touch Capacitive Sticker on Pinebook Pro Trackpad?
I received a Pinebook pro recently and it arrived with the touch capacitive sticker on the trackpad containing air bubbles and creases (please see picture). This sticker is required for the trackpad to work. I realize it looks like a protective film, but if I remove a portion of it and use my finger on the trackpad, the pointer does not move.

Could someone please inform me about the material I need to buy to replace the sticker please?

[Image: lfsiav70il561.jpg]
The film was just a protective sticker, however removing it caused excess adhesive from the film to make its way on to the trackpad and this adhesive required a bit of cleaning before the trackpad recognized touch and the mouse pointer started moving normally.
I have removed mine with no ill effects, other than that I preferred the texture of the sticker.
Interestingly, my second-batch PineBook Pro arrived with no such protective sticker.
The two that I have came with two totally different looking-and-feeling ones.

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