Curious about problem with PBP Wifi
This is not a problem per se with PBP.  Recently my ISP's modem has been acting up and I'm waiting on a new one.  Before it started acting up, PBP connected to wifi just fine, but now it won't connect.  Curiously, my Android based smartphone connects fine, as does an 8 year old Lenovo ThinkPad.  I've been trying to share the connection with the smartphone via bluetooth with less than perfect results.  The old Lenovo is running Fedora 32 and this PBP Fedora 33.  Perhaps I should mention, though irrelevant to the PBP that ethernet hardly works at all.
With inxi I just get 
inxi -N
  Message: No ARM data found for this

which doesn't give me a whole lot of info to work with.

Hopefully soon my ISP will fix the situation but I'm curious.  My question is, why would the PBP not be able to connect to wifi while the smartphone and old laptop can?  Is there a remedy?

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Curious about problem with PBP Wifi - by kendew - 12-02-2020, 03:33 PM

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