PSA: Warning about Pinetab Quality
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I am posting this thread to current owners of the Early Adopter Pinetab and potential future purchases about my experience with the quality of my Early Adopter Pinetab.

Background: I purchased my Pinetab with keyboard case directly from Pine64 in June, 2020 and it was delivered in September, 2020. Up until today, it worked well with no issues at all and was used around the house. There wasn't a lot of wear and tear (none really) and charging was performed appropriately with an appropriate charger.

Current Issue: After using the Pinetab last night, I powered it off and put it up on a dresser, as I normally do. When I woke up this morning, I went to power it up and noticed  the display was cracked. My first thought was 'it didn't fall on the floor and nothing dropped on it, so how did it crack?'. Once I picked it up, I knew something was wrong with the tablet-the plastic casing had popped apart on several edges. I could also feel an extra thickness to the tablet-slight but noticeable.

Cause: I have never opened up the Pinetab, nor am I going to now, but my best guess would be a battery expansion of some sort that was severe enough to crack the display.

Why the PSA: Pinetab owners and potential purchases should know of this issue. Current Pinetab owners that have a similar issue are encouraged to report the issue to Pine64.

Hopeful Resolution: As of now, I have a useless piece of electronics. The innards may have some value, as might the keyboard, but to repair the Pinetab would probably be more than the original cost. Even though the cost of the tablet is relatively low, I think it is entirely reasonable to expect that the Pinetab would remain in a working condition for more than 2 months. So my hopeful resolution:
1. Pine64 asks to have the unit shipped back to Pine64 (at Pine64's cost) to determine the cause of the issue of casing swelling and display cracking. This would help Pine64 determine if there are supply chain issues in terms of quality.
2. Pine64 refunds my purchase price. Even though I know there is a 30 day guarantee, I think that a reasonable customer should expect a Pine64 product to work more than 2 months.
3. If there is a known issue or one is found upon inspection of my unit that Pine64 notify purchasers of the issue and the corrective actions that will be taken to correct it.

It may be that my unit is a one-off situation in quality, but that would be for Pine64 to determine based on the examination of my unit and also using their collective knowledge about other defective units.

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