Getting analog audio/sound to work (headphones socket) on debian
hi all,

I followed the above steps in the previous post to get sound working on the audiojack (debian 120bsp kernel); and the instructions worked brilliantly ! The sound is wonderful quality; in the preferences-->sound settings I was able to select either the sndhdmi or audiocodec (under the hardware tab) and under the input or output tabs to select the appropriate hardware options for the sound to be routed via hdmi, or audiojack.

The video (youtube) was not the best, but the audio was fabulous (crystal clear and actually pleasing, I was impressed). With my setup (since my hdmi monitor has no speakers, only jack) I am forced to move the plug in order to swith between the two hardware options/ but logically the idea is the similar / and in either case the sound (including system sounds) was fine.

Pulse Audio, alsa-base, and alsa-utils were on the img already, so I did not have to load those. So, looking forward to a video driver that will make the experience all-round fabulous.

good evening !


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