New OS for RockPro64 is here, Armbian-Reforged V1.0
(Yesterday, 09:09 PM)jtremblant Wrote: @dukla2000

I don't have a PineBookPro or RockPro64 but image by default is set to RockPi4C. It sounds like you're using the wrong dtb file.

I did successfully test it booting from NVMe on RockPi4C only.

Please follow the instructions below:


- edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt

- replace the dtb name with rk3399-pinebook-pro.dtb or whatever RK3399 board you have, check dtb folder to know the exact name you need to type.
- Enjoy

Don't forget to resize partition after first boot

Thank you for your tolerance! I did read post 3, honest, but in typical "it does not apply to me because it is about pinebook" mode I did not pay attention to the end that mentioned the default Rolleyes

Will be able to try again on Wednesday.
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Hi there,

First off thanks to the developer for this excellent work. I installed it yesterday on my RockPro64 and it's been working smoothly.

The problem I have is that the only application I'd like to run is Kodi (using my box as both a media center connected to the TV and a small server), and I noticed that if I disable the desktop and run "kodi-standalone" (via /etc/rc.local) the performance drops considerably in comparison to running kodi in a desktop (to the point that any video payed gets extremely slow).

Am I doing something wrong? There's maybe another way to run kodi-standalone or I'll be always supposed to run a complete desktop session just to run this single application?

Any help would be appreciated.

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