New OS for RockPro64 is here, TwisterOS Armbian
For anyone on a Mac of Win machine, having trouble with the instruction to edit armbianEnv.txt:

1. Windows and Mac cant out of the box mount the eMMC (and SD I suppose), so you can't edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt
2. If you don't have a linux box at hand, you can use VirtualBox with USB passthrough, following this tutorial:

After configuring the attaching the USB device with your virtual system you will be able to mount the partition and edit the file. easily maintain an ARM64 media server
I am having issues using Twister on a Pinebook pro.  This is probably a noob question.  The instructions say after flashing the twister image to edit the /boot/armbianEnv.txt file.  But this file is read only - (I assume because the partition is mounted).  And I haven't been able to figure out a workaround.   Can anyone explain the process of editing this file?

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