Slarm64 on PinePhone [Unofficial Slackware ARM - 64 bit]
(06-05-2021, 01:10 AM)teneighty Wrote: This might be a bit of a tangent from the original purpose or the thread, but what does it take to get a SDDM login screen working?

I've not really done very much with Manjaro so I don't know any quick answer. On Slarm64 I built SDDM from source. Maybe the SDDM package that comes on the PinePhone has been altered or cut down? If so compiling it yourself might be the only option.

The sources are here:

Or it could be another configuration thing.

It's also worth taking a look in /var/log/sddm.log to see how far SDDM gets. On my PinePhone it got stuck interfacing with ConsoleKit but as you're on systemd that shouldn't be an issue.

It says here:

Quote:The configuration file for SDDM can be found at /etc/sddm.conf. See sddm.conf(5) for all options.

On systems controlled by systemd, everything should work out of the box  Dodgy , since SDDM defaults to using systemd-logind for session management. The configuration file will therefore not be created at package installation time. SDDM offers a command for generating a sample configuration file with the default settings if you really want one:

# sddm --example-config > /etc/sddm.conf

One other thing I had to do on Slarm64 is add an "sddm" user to the "video" group but on Manjaro I would've thought that would already be set up...
I thought the implementation was likely to be at least similar. I was wrong, and you are correct. The config I had removed has reappeared with a comment line that reads "# Created by Manjaro USER Module Handler".

I apologize for polluting the thread with this, but at least I can say that the Manjaro-ARM implementation of SDDM is indeed different, evidently actively managed buy this user module handler.

If I want to pursue this I might have to follow your Slarm64 guide! Thanks for your assistance!
Curious as to the current state of this?  With Mara's image should one still have to copy over the boot directory, move kernel files, and reflash u-boot?  If so which Manjaro release was current with 5.9.12, I checked out the current Beta5 release of plasma mobile which has a newer kernel but noticed in it's boot configuration it had GPIO set options as the only major difference from uEnv.txt in Mara's image (could this be lack of SCP?).  Definitely eager to try this out just don't want to follow the wrong rabbit holes.

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