Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Charging issues: hardware or software?
Hello everybody,

In regarding to what I have mentioned in my main "report" (here:

There seem to be another issue concerning battery / charge.

When my PinePhone is sited on my desk charging, and I do not touch it for long periods of time, it appears to be that the charging sequence is somehow stopped or disconnected, even when the device battery did not reach a full charge.

Why do I think so? well, everytime the phone is left charging but untouched, I come over, press the power key to bring the screen on, unlock, than have a quick look at the battery indicator, which is not charging (it was charging an hour before, when I have plugged-in the device), also the battery icon shows the normal state (not charging) - then I need to unplug the charging cable, and plug it in again - to get the "charging" status back on.

Is this a hardware problem? or a software problem? I am not sure.

But now I understand why after 10+ hours at night of being connected to the charger, my device did not reach a full charge.

Any informative input would be highly appreciated.

Have a nice day you all  Cool
I thought I'd move to this thread to talk about charging stopping and starting. Just to update you on how my Pinephone's doing today on the USB mains adapter, it got right up to 99%, still saying Charging, but now I've just had a look at it, maybe an hour or so later, still plugged in, the battery icon's not showing the charging symbol anymore and the Status is Discharging (0.84W), Capacity 97%.

So the question is whether it's deliberately stopped accepting charge because it deemed the battery to be fully charged and, more importantly, whether charging will begin again automatically if I leave it alone and wait for the battery to run down a bit more. I'll let you know what happens. It could be my charger, of course.

UPDATE: Half an hour later, still plugged in, and yay, it's back to Charging (0.91W), Capacity 98%. Big Grin Hopefully that means it just shut off the charging deliberately for a while to protect the battery.
I'm having the same problem. If I monitor power consumption in Powersupply, it seems that the charge rate drops at a fairly steady rate, before eventually dropping below 0 and discharging. It also seems that Powersupply increases power consumption, as the reading drops dramatically when I launch it =P

Furthermore, it isn't drawing nearly the wattage its current limit and input voltage permit. At the moment, it isn't even managing 1W at the beginning of this cycle.

I speculated at the Manjaro bugtracker that whatever governs trickle charging is broken, but I don't have an actual diagnosis. For me, it began a few days ago after an update, so I'm inclined to blame software, but I'm far from certain.
The battery indicator obviously needs some time to show the current situation.

There are also other discrepancies which may result from hardware or software problems.
(11-18-2020, 06:19 AM)LinAdmin2 Wrote: The battery indicator obviously needs some time to show the current situation.

There are also other discrepancies which may result from hardware or software problems.

I've been on these forums for under a week, and already it's starting to piss me off the way you don't even read posts before you offer something useless. Please quit trolling a freaking *SDK*.

Have you tried using another O.S, from an sd card ?    Just to compare results

Mobian and Arch seem to be a bit more mature in their charging characteristics  at this time.

This can help you to determine if it is a software problem, or hardware problem.

 Note: ((Use a real phone charger, Pine phone does not charge well from a laptop usb port))
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