Unable to connect to Wi-Fi with 802.11r enabled
So I just got my Pinebook Pro ANSI in and right off the bat I found I was having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi under Manjaro. It refused to connect, and kept asking for the password again and again.

I then remembered I had 802.11r Fast Transition enabled across my APs (under OpenWRT). When I disabled it on one of them, my Pinebook was able to connect. Turning it back on kicks it off the network.

Is this a known issue? I haven't experienced an issue with any of my other wireless devices. I'd like to keep it enabled if at all possible. A lot of people in my home make use of Wi-Fi calling, and FT helps with dropouts.

Thanks! Smile
I had to turn off 802.11r in OpenWRT as well. This was when I got my PBP early in the year. I have not tried since.

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