VoLTE / Sprint
To my knowledge VoLTE works for some carriers with the pinephone, but no one's been able to get Sprint to work with VoLTE. I've also been told that Sprint has started to only allow whitelisted devices. Is there any chance that Sprint will ever work with the pinephone?
If they're whitelisting devices you probably have to hope Quectel are big enough and interested enough to get Sprint to whitelist the modem.
Sorry, but Sprint is now basically a dead company. It's now T-Mobile, and they do allow you to bring any device to their network.
I tried to put my Pinephone Plasma CE on sprint.
They would only register it as a wifi hotspot device.
Tried that to have 2 GB of data to test.
Modem says it is on 4G LTE but I haven't managed to get data to work.

Will try more but will most likely eventually switch back to Google Fi

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