Telescope: Pinephone compat. UT synchronization app for Linux AsteroidOS smartwatches
Happy to find a synchronization app which syncs data from the PinePhone to Linux AsteroidOS smartwatches:

“Ubuntu Touch/UBPorts application

A synchronization app for Ubuntu Touch named Telescope has been started by the community. This app tries to re-use as much code from Starfish as possible so some of their codes is shared in a daemon named asteroidsyncservice which uses libasteroid. The app is still under development, first functions like notifications, time syncronisation and battery status reading are already implemented. You can download the app in the OpenStore”


this app is compatible with the PinePhone:

to sync data for instance from the LG G Watch R (lenok) Linux AsteroidOS 1.0 smartwatch:

What is your opinion about this app?
According to my own little personal experience, synchronization between a
Linux smartphone and a Linux smartwatch is new and interesting Smile.

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