Gentoo on pinephone
Distcc seems to work fine (no RAM errors yet) but I have 3GB RAM and a 3GB Swap so it might be that that is helping me.

Its the only way for me since it dont have an other arm64 platform to compile on. 
The only problem im having right now is a browser, Firefox and Chromium result in errors compiling after a hefty compile time.

So im working on that and if I have that fixed I'm gonna create a blog about using the phone since at the moment its my phone with a SIM card to test if its ready to be a daily driver.
I thought the chromium ebuild had an early check for memory and refused to start if you had <4GB. It's one area the 8GB Pi 4 might be useful. The alternative is emulating the AMR on amd64 with qemu. I looked at it a while back but didn't try it in the end. Assuming it still works it might be the solution to your browser problem.

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