microSD card stuck

While attempint to install a new OS on my Pinebook Pro, I've discovered that I'm unable to remove the micro SD card from the slot, even with tweezers there's not enough grip.  Has anyone ran into the same issue?
I have the opposite issue, I cannot insert sd card, it is being ejected.
It is on a spring catch, use thumbnail or small coin, push in a bit (1-2mm)
it will spring out
I never used tweezers. It worked before, but stopped working, it will not hold the card inside. I only used the micro SD card USB adapter to insert it inside.
Very disappointed by the build quality of PBP. The original PB was much better, although it was only plastic.
(09-22-2020, 02:03 PM)Wizzard Wrote: I have the opposite issue, I cannot insert sd card, it is being ejected.
Thought I had the same issue. But I used a the edge of an item to simply push the card in a little further and it fit properly.

I was also able to eject it properly later.

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I find I need to use a small screwdriver to push the card in far enough to get it to spring out on some days. Other days I can get away with using my thumbnail. I don't find this unique to the Pinebook. I have the exact same experience with other devices with the same type of card socket.
Any idea how to fix that ejecting SD card slot? it is really annoying when I cannot boot any OS from SD. USB boots just the same OS as I am running.
Whell, you could sand away some of the plastic on the case to make the slot more accessible. Otherwise just use something to push the SD card in all the way like I do.

Beyond that, open up the PBP and see if you can figure out what the issue is.

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