Extracting a copy of SPI NOR flash contents using micro SD card and u-boot
This is a bonus. Using the previous post:


A 32M sized micro SD card image should be sufficient to extract a full copy of SPI NOR flash contents. I performed the following successfully using a 64M sized image to extract a full copy of SPI NOR flash from u-boot prompt with micro SD card inserted:

=> sf probe 1:0
=> sf read $kernel_addr_r 0x0 0x1000000
=> save mmc 1:1 $kernel_addr_r spi_full.img 0x1000000 0

This will save the contents of your flash to the micro SD card, the file will be named 'spi_full.img'. You can then view the image using your favorite tool. As an example:

$ xxd /path/to/spi_full.img | less

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