USB-C Power Delivery does not work
I have PinePhone PostmarketOS edition (3GB). But i have a problem with PD charging. I bought a PD charger that support the '5V/3A' PD mode and a 'USB-C -> USB-C' cabel that supports PD and says 'max. 3A'. But I can't make Power Delivery work. I also tried other PD chargers and other USB-C cables. I tried on recent images of Mobian and Ubuntu Touch.

My PD charger will become green if PD negotiation is successful.

Does PinePhone software have some driver that performs PD negotiation with the Type-C charger? Should I use USB-A chargers for now?
I have the same problem with a PD charger and USB-C -> USB-C cable. I tried the tweak mentioned here and now charging works - not at 5 V×3 A = 15 W Power Delivery specs, but at 5 V×1.5 A = 7.5 W (USB Battery Charging 1.1 spec?).

I thought the problem could be the USB-C hardware bug on the 1.2 rev boards (UBports) preventing charging negotiation, but that should be fixed on the PostmarketOS phones if I remember correctly (maybe I don't)?

Anyway, 1.5 A is better than the 0.5 A I got with my old USB charger, and much better than no charging at all! Smile
Details from Megi below - I'm not sure how much of that has made it into which distros so far. For the moment it looks like the 5V/2.1A battery Charging 1.2 spec chargers are a better bet than PD chargers, especially the 3A ones.

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