OpenBCI brain computer interface software for the PinePhone
The GUI v5 is the well known and often seen graphical user interface of the OpenBCI software, and is it now based on Brainflow libraries, which are available for ARM processors. You can see the version history of the GUI here.

This is good news. I was looking for a long time for an affordable mobile EEG platform, but I failed. Matlab cannot run on ARM processors, OpenSignals cannot run on ARM processors, but OpenBCI with his GUI v5.

There can be found OpenBCI EEG cable version devices for eight channels in the web for about 200 USD, I suppose they are cloned devices, since OpenBCI says there is no cable version:

Now, I have become an OpenBCI convert.
OpenBCI with GUI v5 running on the PinePhone (I call it “OpenBCI mobile” inspired by Bitalino OpenSignals mobile, which is a similar app runninig on Android, but is very limited) as a data aquisiton system for pysiological sensors (heart rate, EEG, MEG, etc.):
Wait whaaaat.... We want a privacy phone and we getting it to read our minds? Naaaaaah...
You can encrypt the data so that nobody can see what is going on inside your mind.
OpenBCI_GUI 5.0 based on BrainFlow running on a PinePhone is the application which helps me to solve my sensor streaming problems. I only miss a developer with PhD in software engineering to put all the required components together:

BrainFlow is a library intended to obtain, parse and analyze EEG, EMG, ECG and other kinds of data from biosensors.

I see a bright future for the PinePhone and BrainFlow. I was looking for a long time for a mobile application for physiological sensors, but I could not find a satisfying solution. Bitalino has OpenSignals mobile. But it can only record one sensor at a time to .txt files, that s all. And OpenSignals and Matlab to not run on ARM based systems. BrainFlow is the solution.

If this becomes public, there is a chance that a developer with a PhD. in software engineering will join the  discussion and participate. When I have make this project real on my own, it will take a long time, since my coding skills are very poor.

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