Unable to mount root partition PostmarketOS
Hello beautiful people! 

I got the new community edition shipped with Postmarket OS, it is a nice! However, I wanted to try different OS, thus I was trying to play smart and I got myself blocked now after I deleted the partition that holds the system file for PostmarketOS, so for now I only have the partition for booting only with no OS file system. 

I read in different threads that I can start my PinePhone on recovery by connecting USB A-C cable, holding the volume up button with the power button, but this didn't work for me. 

I am now considering using Jumpdrive on an SD that I will buy, but I want to see if any of the geeks around can help me to see if this problem can be solved without getting an SD card, just by using a USB cable and computer with Linux system on it. 

The message my phone now stuck in is the logo of PostmarketOS and written under "unable to mount root partition" https://postmakretos.org/troubleshooting 

Thanks for your insights and help!

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