Star Trek computer themed wasp-os on PineTime
(10-19-2020, 09:55 AM)JMaier Wrote: Thanks for the response. I've done some minor visual modifications to the main wasp-os sources. I've also seen the documentation and have downloaded the modified version of gadgetbridge. I've successfully connected gadgetbridge to a Pinetime running wasp. However, now I want to implement gadgetbridge message interpretations to the clock app similarly to the star trek implementation but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing so.

It's all part of the manager (wasp.system). The notifications end up in wasp.system.notifications which is simply a dictionary of dictionaries.

For an example of manipulating the notifications take a look at the built-in notification display app:

In this case the foreground() method will grab a notification, remove it from the dictionary and then formats it for display. If you want to integrate notifications into a watch face you will need to do something similar. Of course for a watch face you probably wouldn't want to remove it from the dictionary unless the user instructs you to.
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