My Daily QA - 2020-08-27
Be aware, these tests are being executed using an out-of-box testing methodology. All tests are preformed with minimal interaction/setup of devices outside of: OS imaging/updating,  SIM installation, Wifi Configuration,  and Power Cycling the devices.

Results: ubports/2020-08-27-TMobile

Conclusion: This OS is not ready for the pinephone to become a daily driver.

Notes: Inbound texting still not working on Verizon. Issues with outbound 3G texts in TMobile. I have noticed that I am unable to change the MP rating of the camera. Since this feature is so new I don't think it is appropriate to introduce a test case around this. Didn't even attempt MMS. Speakerphone still not an option.

Known Issues:  4G calling is broken.
                          Locking issues.
If you want to help contribute I suggest logging into gitlab and commenting on these issues. Also, ubports has forums that they read from separately. I find them hard to navigate personally.  But you have the information to help influence a change. That is all. 
Thank you for the update!

Regarding the Verizon text issue, it also has been filed on

Regarding the T-Mobile calls, it has also been filed on

Maybe just duplicate posts of the issues you provided.
PinePhone UBports CE and Mobian on SD, Mint Mobile, Pinebook Pro Manjaro

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