DIY "backlit" keyboard mod?
Hey everyone,

I'm loving my PBP but one thing I'm struggling with (when switching from my MBP or XPS) is not having a backlit keyboard in the evenings.

I wonder if anyone played around with any kind of mods to make a "backlit keyboard effect"... I was thinking something along these lines: but for a laptop.

I know there are these bendy USB LED lights than can stick up on the side of your laptop but I'm wondering if my hands would cast a shadow over most of the keyboard.

Thanks and looking forward to hear your ideas!

Or something like this?
One thing I've been meaning to play with is the fact that the keycap labels on the Pinebook Pro are fluorescent - the ink contains some type of fluorophor that makes it emit blue light in response to ultraviolet, which is a common technique to make white paper and other materials appear brighter. If you installed a diffuse ultraviolet LED bar at the top of the display, angled to point at the keyboard and not your eyes, you could make all the key labels glow like they're under a blacklight.

This might not be super advisable for a number of reasons - while the cheap 395nm UVA LEDs can't really give you a sunburn, staring at them for a long time isn't a great idea either. Blue light, as is now popularly known, is also not good for your sleep cycle when you're exposed to a lot of it at night. If these drawbacks are acceptable to you, though, it could be pretty cool to have a Pinebook that looks like a miniature rave. Especially if you use it while wearing fluorescent nail polish...
haha I'll pass on the nail polish. But yes now that you say it, I do notice that they are slightly fluorescent - but with low screen brightness not enough.

Skin damage and sleep disturbance doesn't sound too intriguing but for short period might be worth a try.

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