just trying to play a youtube video
(05-21-2016, 01:30 AM)galbez Wrote: Then how can i play a youtube video normally with these settings?  i mainly bought the pine to use it as a media center for my tv, youtube is basic use rather than a test.

Well then you clearly bought the wrong device. You can try android which has hardware accelerated video decode which also might work with Youtube (but i have no clue about Android and it does not seem to be supported on the 512MB model).

(05-21-2016, 01:30 AM)galbez Wrote:  there's no other desktop envirnoment suitable for the 512mb model which uses less RAM? anything being developed right now?

Sure there are plenty desktop environments for Linux with work with 512MB model. Probably the easiest to use would be LXDE. Still this has nothing todo with hardware accelerated video decoding (especially in the browser) which might as well never happen for the Pine64.

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