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My Daily QA - 2020-08-19
Results: ubports/2020-08-19

Build number: Dev-157
Conclusion: This build has been no bueno.  Move along.

This guy has been a problem since startup. Not a clue what is going on. Texts stopped working, SMS stopped working. Calls stopped working. I'm going to image my device with a fresh build and execute the tests again. But ultimately not impressed with this build. Camera works ok though.

Today I am also going to begin testing against boost mobile as well as t-mobile. (both US)  I will note any discrepancies in the results. 

Is anyone else experiencing issues with this build?
I have the ssme issues, the phone won't call or text now and for some reason the Wi-fi has been struggling to connect the last day or so too. But the time is working lol so there is that. Thr alarms dont seem to be. Hopefully they fix the calls and texts with the next update though
Any way to revert to older ota builds in the meantime?
i can tell dev 158 is not better... call, sms, data not working after a screen lock and a big battery drain since i install this ota update
Calls, text and data seem to be working for me again after upgrading to #158. Even after a screen lock. I am posting this out at the dog park in fact.
seems to work fine if i turn on wifi... but still drain my battery really bad
Hopefully this is a symptom of them working on getting all the toggle switches to work.
(08-20-2020, 10:05 AM)Cree Wrote: Hopefully this is a symptom of them working on getting all the toggle switches to work.

Agreed! There are a few niggly things that would make this OS great, just going to take time i guess

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