Major keyboard and touchpad fiemware issues
Hi there. I have finally received my Pinebook Pro recently, so i started playing around with it. However, i have encountered extremely frustrating bug with its keyboard and touchpad firmware: for some reason, from time to time it starts thinking that shift is pressed. Sometimes pressing right shift sets it back to normal behavior, but not for long. I am pretty sure it's not a physical defect: external keyboard acts in a similar way. I have tried to update my firmware with pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater, but that killed my touchpad. Any ideas how to fix that?
Which updater did you use? The one from ayufan's repo, or jackhumbert's?
(07-31-2020, 11:33 AM)tophneal Wrote: Which updater did you use? The one from ayufan's repo, or jackhumbert's?
I don't really know. The one that is being installed with pacman. How can i find out which one is installed?
Even if you plug a new keyboard, the pinebook pro keyboard is always here, working, possibly sending shift keycode.
The possibility of having a hardware defect on it is not vanished by pluging external keyboard.

You have to disable it first, via libinput.

But first, try this one :
Install Jack Humbert's firmware, 3 steps. Recover your trackpad.
strange things happening... after i left pinebook switched off for a while my touchpad went back operational. however, i have installed  jackhumbert's firmware update, but symptoms are same. shift is still lagging, and touchpad is dead again.
Okay, guys, it seems to be a hardware defect after all. All lags and phantom shift pressing stops right after i disabled its keyboard through xinput. I will write to support now. Thanks for your participation

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