USB OTG issue
So it's been my 3rd day with my Pinephone CE and I've found out a lot of stuff.
I just did the VCONN Switch removal surgery in the jankiest way imaginable since I don't have a reflow workstation at home. So far I got the phone to recognize that something was plugged in and it even charges for a brief moment from my PD power supply. After a bit of prodding around I saw that it spat out an error message:
anx7688 0-0028: boot firmware load failed (you may need to flash FW to anx7688 first)
Heck it even shows in the lines before that that it got the IRQ and even enabled power for a brief moment.

So my question now is how could I fix this? Is there an easy script to flash the firmware to this chip? I hope I didn't rip through a trace on the Board.

The device I'm trying to use is a combined USB-hub with USB-PD input and HDMI out. So kinda like the dongle from the convergence pack but different.
Check this page, especially the "Using the driver" section
(07-24-2020, 04:13 PM)a-wai Wrote: Check this page, especially the "Using the driver" section
Thanks! That totally fixed it!
Now it charges directly and even through my dongle. The USB-Ports on my dongle work too and ist great being able to just mount my f2fs ssd's. The only thong that doesn't seem to work yet is the HDMI output. My screen sees that something was plugged in but the Phone just tells me that something went wrong and I need to be logged out.

But hey, 2 out of 3 is great already!

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