Early Adopter shipping date
Big Grin 
My DHL notice says September 10th for Denver, CO Smile
I haven't received anything except the PayPal purchase receipt since June 10th. I don't recall shipping options so I am sure it is whatever is the default. Hopefully it will be in the next 10 days as I have a trip coming up and will be out of town after that.

Still excited about the general shipping news.

DHL was kind enough to send me a notice early this Morning.  Seems my PineTab should be in my neighborhood 11 September!  Was ordered 11 June.  I'm in Central Illinois U.S. if your tracking such things.

Just a regular guy doin' regular guy stuff.
DHL SMS received.Estimated delivery on Wednesday! London, UK. Exciting Smile
Heard from the sales team today. Mine will ship next week. Looking forward to it even more than my PBP!

DHL asks me for a proof of payment for custom clearance. (Wertnachweis in Germany). Were you also asked for it? (It's my first order from pine64).
(09-07-2020, 03:36 PM)strawberryfields Wrote: DHL asks me for a proof of payment for custom clearance. (Wertnachweis in Germany). Were you also asked for it? (It's my first order from pine64).

Don't worry.  Smile I assume you'll have to pay €35.28, as I had to pay the same amount which includes import tax ('Einfuhrumsatzsteuer') and customs handling surcharge ('Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision'). Everything is fine. Thanks to COVID-19 DHL Express now accepts Paypal. They accepted cash only in the past. Thas has sometimes been quite a PITA, as the couriers never had change money.
Received mine this morning, and typing this on the little keyboard!
Really nice to finally have a linux tablet and I would like to express my thanks to the Pine team!
I paid 49€ (inport tax + DHL fee) to Austria. Hmm....anyway, estimated delivery today. That's quick!
Yay! I got it! My first PineTab! Now, there's so much to learn about it. First, `sudo apt update` doesn't work Smile Second, I'm not very good at "unboxing" videos Smile

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