HOWTO: run pinephone on qemu

I dont know if someone will found that usefull, but you can at least emulate the hardware to run for example manjaro ARM on serial console.
Don't expect to have graphics or sound. At least not for now because this is not implemented in qemu, and I suppose it would require too much work to code it.

This can be helpfull if you want to play with kernel code without messing up with your pinephone.

So if you want to do that, here is my qemu repo: (work in progress. not yet in official qemu).
Instructions :

I think it's a great idea - to give people the opportunity to play with a new cell phone without having it. I want it too. Cool
Is there any progress on this? Which HW emulations are missing? Confused
(By the way, this tutorial for running virtual RPi looks so amazingly simple.. And it really works, even with a graphical desktop. It would be great to have the same for PinePhone Heart )
I’ve gone the other way- I’m running QEMU on the Pinephone! I have a Ubuntu Zesty 17.04 arm64 image. I wanted some obsolete software (banshee) that hasn’t been supported by Debian or Ubuntu for a couple of years to run

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