Keyboard transplant issues

So I bought an OG ISO Pinebook Pro and then bought an ANSI keyboard when it became available. Yesterday, I had time to transplant everything from the ISO top case to the ANSI top case.

Everything appears to be working, but I am getting crazy keycodes back from the new ANSI keyboard.

q>nil, w>w, e>s, r>e, t>d, y>r, u>f, i>t, o>y, p>h, [>j, ]>-
a> nil, s>nil, d>q, f>z, etc.

Is there anything I need to do to flash something on the board to get this working correctly? Is the ribbon not installed properly (although I'm pretty sure I did it correctly).

I'm using Chromium at the moment, fwiw.

You definitely need to flash the ANSI keyboard firmware onto your Pinebook Pro if you switch keyboard types. I pasted the instructions from the wiki below. I am not sure if it is possible to run these instructions on Chromium OS, so I would highly recommend grabbing one of the Ubuntu releases from here:, loading it onto an SD card, and running the commands listed below from there. Good luck!

ANSI Model
  • NOTE: Running step-1 on the ansi keyboard model will make the keyboard and trackpad inaccessible until step-2 is run, so an external keyboard must be connected to complete the update on this model!
From the terminal command line:
git clone
cd pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater
sudo apt-get install build-essential libusb-1.0-0-dev xxd

Step 1
cd pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater
sudo ./updater step-1 ansi
sudo reboot

Step 2 (after reboot)
cd pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater
sudo ./updater step-2 ansi
sudo reboot

When done, if some of the keys produce in-correct characters, please check your OSes' language settings. For ANSI users, the default OS shipped with English UK as the default language. You can change it to English US if desired.
Thanks for the quick reply!

I though the firmware might be part of the keyboard/top case assembly, but if it's part of the logic board, that makes total sense.

I'll flash my SD and get cracking right away.
That did it. Thanks a bundle!

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