Changing regulatory domain (CRDA) on the wifi adapter

The wifi has been particularly bad with the PBP in my house, but not my other devices. I've been having issues with dropping connections and very slow connections here. Someone explained to me on IRC that the regulatory domain (CRDA) may be set incorrectly on the wifi so the signal levels and frequencies may not be lining up correctly.

So, this is what I did to get the regulatory domain set correctly to Canada with Manjaro:

1) Install the wireless-regdb package with 'sudo pacman -Syu wireless-regdb'
2) Edit the /etc/conf.d/wireless-regdom uncommenting the line with the correct two letter country code for your area
3) Reboot

You can confirm the regulatory domain of your wifi by running 'sudo iw reg get'

If it shows "Country <your_two_letter_code>: ..." then it is now set.

However, if it shows "Country 00" then it is set to a worldwide default, which may not be optimal.

I hope that this helps others to improve the wifi on the PBP.


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