slarm64 (unofficial slackware) Pinebook Pro RK3399 (aarch64)
(12-04-2020, 12:03 PM)acid andy Wrote:
(12-04-2020, 10:55 AM)globaltree Wrote: And after this pinebook:  I'm gonna slackify a pinephone!  Get ready for Phlackware!  Be all you can be:  join the slarmy!

I've done this on my PinePhone. Please see the Slarm64 on Pinephone thread for more information and we can share tips. I've been tweaking various code and got programs like DOSBox, Neverball and SDDM running with the touch screen.

Yee-Ha! Thanks for sharing.  Count me N!

(12-04-2020, 04:19 AM)ma= Wrote: and eMMC has kernel modules and firmware with sdcard

Ah-ha:  I hadn't done anything special for the firmware.  There's way more files in /lib/firmware on the slarm64 microsd than  on the eMMC.  

What's the best way to get the kernel-firmware?  I've tried just copying /lib/firmware from microsd to eMMc, and I've used slackpkg to  install kernel-firmware, and I've tried Pat's script, which was not in the slarm64/source/a/kernel-firmware (which was empty), but was in the slackware64-current/source/a/kernel-firmware, and Pat's SlackBuild clones recent firmware with git from, and has noarch in the package name, so does that mean it's good for x64 and arm64?  I rebooted after each subsequent attempt, and I still have to modprobe r8188eu (it gets inserted automatically when booting from the slarm64 image, but has to be modprobed on the eMMC)... I modprobed btbcm as well, but "hcitool dev" doesn't list any devices. 

It's same after each reboot, so I must still be missing a few marbles.
kernel-firmware as well as slackware64 + addon
once again, there is a script that transfers to eMMC

so you can do
echo "/sbin/modprobe r8188eu" >> /etc/rc.d/rc.modules.local
donation   slarm64

YeeHa! LUKS on Pinebook Pro is working! Before I read your recent reply, I had git cloned your images_build_kit git repository, and inside the blobs directory, moved the firmware folder to /lib/firmware, rebooted, and everything was found as on the microsd... oh I also copied the modules.d directory to /etc/modules.d before rebooting.

Globaltree is one happy today Wink Thanks for forging the way. May the slack be with you!
"once again, there is a script that transfers to eMMC"

I used that script the first time, and installed to eMMC.
Then I messed around with getting luks+lvm working on microsd.
Once successful, after booting from microsd, made the luks+lvm work on eMMC.
I didn't use your script for installing to eMMC that time, because I didn't think it would know about luks+lvm.
That's about when I noticed not all the hardware being detected.
Once I found your blobs, all is well.

When I did have that resume=LABEL=blackholezswap in my kernel append line, it froze looking for some kind of resume image, so I removed that entry from the line... however, I noticed at's list of kernel command-line parameters, a resumewait parameter, that I'll try and see if that helps it find the swap partition... Suspend to Ram, or having laptop go to sleep when lid is closed, is final hurdle.
fixed sound output in mainline kernel

donation   slarm64

kernel 5.10.11


donation   slarm64


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