APN, OS, country & pinephone model
Hi folks,

It seems some of us are having issues with the cellular network in our pinephones and I thought it would be useful if we can get a list of the combinations to try to look for what is the culprit Smile


I can start:

Simyo, UB ports devel (OTA 59, but it never worked for me), pinephone ub ports version, Spain
I've experienced this on my Pinephone Ubports edition, running Stable OTA 3. Chilimobil (Telia), Norway.
bell mobility canada
ubports CE pinephone
basic internet=inet.bell.ca

apn= mms.bell.ca/mms
username= N/A
mms proxy=web.wireless.bell.ca
mms proxy port=80
APN protocal=ipv4/ipv6
APN roaming protocol= ipv4

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