Roadmap questions from a PinePhone owner
Hi there, I recently received my PinePhone, and while I'm excited about the project, the phone itself is not totally usable, yet. I get that this has been established, while I admit I didn't read the fine print, my old phone still works for now and my PinePhone is something I'll ease into.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is it safe to assume my hardware will not need to be upgraded? I'm assuming all the updates from here on out will be software, and sometime — maybe in a few months, maybe a year — I'll be able to use my PinePhone as my primary phone. 
  2. Realistically, when do you think the PinePhone will be more or less ready for prime time? Are we thinking 6 months? A year? Just curious. sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere.
  3. If I'm going to dual boot, what other OS is the farthest along? I read that the next sound of PinePhones will ship with Postmarket OS, but PinePhone's position seems to be that UBports is the most stable right now. Someone on the forum said Mobian is working best for them.
  4. Is there any reason not to run the bleeding-edge repos? At this point, if the phone is semi non-functional anyway, It seems the fastest way to get stability would be to move to the dev channel.
Thanks for reading, and for creating this phone. I spent a lot of effort rooting my Android phone, installing lineageOS with no Google Play services, and somehow it still shows me ads based on things I've said in the room. I'm hoping with PinePhone, I'll finally have a phone that doesn't spy on me!
1. It depends what you want to do with it, and whether any more hardware issues are found. A number of them were found and fixed between Brave Heart (v1.1) and the Community Edition (v1.2) release, but the backlight and USB-C CC pin issues remain - see -
2. How long is a piece of string? It's hard to say for multiple reasons, not least the differing opinions on what's necessary, nice to have or just doesn't matter. If you can join in development to get the things you want working then it'll move faster.
3. Mobian? Your best bet is probably to try them and see which one you prefer.
4. Bleeding edge is fine so long as you know that things will break from time to time and you might have to reinstall. If you can file constructive bug reports, or better yet patches, so much the better.

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