Download Latest Version through wget/curl
Hello, I was wondering if there was a URL to download the latest image available for Mobian.

I am building an application that auto downloads and flashes images onto the EMMC. In order to do this, I need a url that always points to the latest version of Mobian. Otherwise, I would have to update the application whenever there was an update.

Thanks in Advance
- PizzaLovingNerd
At The Moment no symlink to 'latest build' on server side.
But parsing the date on the html response is possible.
Pick up last links also possible but a xslt is on the way to show files in a beautiful way and in the inverted date order (so parsing dates is the best way)
In the other hand, even if we symlink the latest build, it will (probably) not include nightly builds but only the last 'stable'

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