On/Off Switch Pad Working Bad
(06-29-2016, 03:14 PM)rvalecruz Wrote:
(06-28-2016, 01:11 PM)DonFL Wrote: I've had "as expected" behavior, running an android image, or a debian image, either shorting the pads (before I got switches) or after. Power on, and power off. Obviously, linux behavior and response is not the same as android.

There is no reason I can see that the switch has to be installed to work as opposed to just putting a jumper across the pads. There's nothing magical being done here that suggest a mechanical switch is required.

Can you provide a picture or diagram of how I would jumper the power pads without a switch?  Thanks.  Rick

There's really nothing to it. The contact pads are the two pads closest to the edge of the board, I did my tests with a short jumper wire. To clarify my above comment, thats what I did..used a jumper wire in place of the switch as a test. I picked up a handful of the switches on ebay, actually just installed them Monday.

You could even take any type of common momentary contact switch (spst pushbutton, etc), and wire it to the board with a couple short pieces of wire...there is no requirement that you use a switch that mechanically fits to the board.

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