PinePhone w/ Ubuntu Touch Frequent Problems
I'm using this post to collect the issues I commonly see noted with Ubuntu Touch on the PinePhone, as people receive theirs. Expect many edits as we find better ways to solve problems.

If the steps in this thread do not solve your issue, please create a new thread here on the Pine64 forums, note what the problem looks like, then say that you've tried these steps already.

I did not install an update and I'm stuck on the Pine64 logo after rebooting.

  1. Use a USB A-C cable to plug your phone into your PC
  2. Hold the PinePhone's power button for 4 seconds or more to power it off.
  3. Wait 5 seconds
  4. Hold the Volume Up and Power buttons on the PinePhone to boot into recovery. You should see the LED light red, then yellow, then green. The "Installing update" screen will appear, but a progress bar to indicate update progress will not. Ignore the "Installing update" part. Wink
  5. Your PC may automatically mount the PinePhone's partitions. If it does, Safely Remove or Eject all of them.
  6. Open a terminal on your PC. Type
  7. You should receive the text 'Welcome to Rescue SD Shell!'
  8. In the new Rescue SD shell, type
    umount /dev/mmcblk2p10; e2fsck -fy /dev/mmcblk2p10 && sync
  9. Once this command pipeline finishes, type
    sync && reboot -f
Your PinePhone should reboot into Ubuntu Touch. Now head to Settings -> Updates and install the new update! Big Grin

If these steps did not solve your issue, please create a new thread here on the Pine64 forums, note what the problem looks like, then say that you've tried these steps already.

This is caused by corruption on the userdata partition. Normally this should be fixed by 'e2fsck' in the initramfs, however an error in image creation means that that version of e2fsck is unable to correct corruption. This has been fixed in all new PinePhone updates, so if you update from the factory image to any other image available to the PinePhone now, you will not experience this issue any longer.

I turned on my PinePhone. The red LED is lit and it will not boot.

  1. Hold the power button until the light turns off
  2. Hold the power button until the light turns on

You may need to repeat these steps more than once.

This is caused by u-boot apparently trying to use the eMMC before it is ready. We are not entirely sure why this occurs yet.

I can't connect to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.

Reboot your device by holding the power button until the "Power" dialog appears, then pressing "Restart".

If that does not fix the issue, note that all the following conditions must be met to use WiFi on the PinePhone:

  1. The plastic tab between the battery and the device's battery contacts has been removed
  2. The battery is installed
  3. The WiFi killswitch, #2, on the rear of the device is switched "ON"
Wi-Fi in the PinePhone only seems stable after a warm reboot like this.

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