Nvme drive not being recognised.
(06-16-2020, 09:28 AM)vssz Wrote: confirm nvme and not sata
>>see for yourself here on aliexpress and also listed compatible in the PBP Wiki (KingSpec NE-512). 
reseat nvme adapter cable
>>done many times
reseat ssd
focus on basic detection by kernel
>>Tried with my stock Debian and 5.6/5.7 Manajaro kernels. Any particular suggestion?

Ordered another PBP nvme adapter as the first version which I received needs 2 folds of the ribbon cable which might be the problem  Huh  and also an M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure to verify the SSD.  Hoping between these 2 the issue is further isolated.

My KingSpec disappeared, too (I think I actually added this one to the wiki) and I believe it is due to the folding within the cable. I've it happen a few times, and noticed that if the cable/folds get pinched when putting the bottom case back on, it won't show up until the cable gets moved to avoid the pinching.

So, honestly, my NVMe disappeared after the last time I opened it, months ago. I didn't bother to crack it back open and fix the cable, b/c i thought I had one of the v2.1 cables on the way. Well, I just opened it up, took the crease in my cable, rolled it a bit, to round it off, and the drive is back when booted now! Check that you don't have an actual crease in your cable. I recommend a few pieces of tape to hold it in place without making an actual crease/bend.
thanks for the update. i wouldn't have thought of the ribbon crease as i have the new version. glad you solved it!
Well for me, I opened up the back and redid the connection, making it as flat without sharp creases as possible but still not seeing the drive.  The replacement NVMe adapter and M.2 enclosure cannot come quicker.

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