Common Lisp on the PinePhone
Today I got my Common Lisp development stack running on my PinePhone, and started up a simple Hello World app.

[Image: 2020-06-07-20-47-Office-Lens.jpg]

  • Mobian GNU/Linux
  • Emacs 26.3
  • SBCL 2.0.4
  • McCLIM 0.9.8
In the attached photo I'm SSHd into the PinePhone, running Emacs inside tmux.  I've created a simple McCLIM hello world app in Emacs, and you can see it running happily on the phone.

Next steps will be experimenting with interactively developing mobile apps in Common Lisp.  I'm not sure how well the CLIM toolkit will work in a mobile context, but we'll see Smile
I'm also interested in developing for the PinePhone with CL. What modifications did you have to make to get McCLIM to work?
None! It worked out of the box, on SBCL installed via Roswell.

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