From where the PineBook ships to europe
Hi, if I buy the PineBook to Europe (not UK), I’m worried about import taxes (customs duty), which could be 20~23% of $240. If it comes from inside Europe already I don’t have to pay that.
Currently, all Pine64 products that contain a battery ship from Hong Kong.
How much time does it take to ship?
I bought mine on the 16th of May (a Saturday), received it on June 4th in Switzerland. I though I'd be paying import taxes, but the DHL fee of 39 USD seem to have covered it. That, or they'll be trying to extract money from me next (good luck :-)
(06-09-2020, 12:26 AM)zxorg Wrote: How much time does it take to ship?

Hard to say if it's shipping info hasn't been processed by Pine yet. They have a lot of varying factors that can quickly affect their turnaround ability. If it has been processed (you'll get an email from DHL saying they have it,) both of my PBPs took 3 days from that email to being at my door. This can also be slowed down by the stringency of your country's customs, and if any taxes are due.
Ok there are several things to clarify. First, are there several shipment carriers available, or is just DHL?
Second, if custom taxes are already included in price.

If shipments are sent using express couriers packages get detained at customs 100% chance. However if using basic mail service sometimes not.
I just got the bill from DHL for the import activity, 19CHF (1 USD = 0..95 CHF) for the VAT, another 22 for DHL for doing such a good job, or whatever. Perhaps just because they can.
Actually shipping is fast.
I just got mine today. And I thought tthat getting the unit in 3 days from Hong Kong would have been fast.
The expect delivery wdate was June 18th, before 23:59:59.
So they have beaten that down by almost 36 hours.

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