Reselling Pinephones on ebay to make money out of it?
I saw it several times that people sell a second hand Pinephone at a higher price than a new one in the Pinephone store. I asked one seller about the reason for the higher price. He argued that it would be worth the price when I did not want to wait until the next batch or Pinephones are available in the Pinephone store. There is something wrong. Stop Pinephone resellers who want to make money out of reselling Pinephone. It is not possible to sell Pinephones without interruption in the Pinephone store?
If someone is that desperate, does it matter? The only thing that bothers me is if someone is misrepresenting it as a trendy full-featured fully-working phone.
The seller reduced the starting price of his auction from a Pinephone Postmarked OS 2 GB phone which was sold for 150 USD from 250 USD to 200 USD to start his auction after I asked him for the reason for his high price. But he was pissed of about my question, and adviced me to wait if I did not wanted to pay his price. He is a proficient reseller. When he is lucky he can sell a PinePhone for more than 300 USD between delivery breaks, as I noticed.
C'est la vie. Or as they say these days, "Say lovey", I guess. If he's able to sell it for that much, it's only because someone is willing to spend that much.
If it Means there will be more people using Linux Phones,  That is not a bad thing  ?

As long as that does not stop us from getting our share.

Is he buying direct from Pine64,  or just picking them up from people who

Gave up on using them ?

I would hate to see even one end up in a trash can !
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No, his business model is very simple. He buys Pinephones in the Pine64 store when they are available. When they are unavailable, he sells them on ebay for twice the price.
(09-10-2020, 08:04 AM)Peter Gamma Wrote: No, his business model is very simple. He buys Pinephones in the Pine64 store when they are available. When they are unavailable, he sells them on ebay for twice the price.
Please explain what the problem is with that.
I thought that was illegal because of the kill switches or eBay’s no developer units policy?

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Please explain what the problem is with that.

The problem is someone who wanted to buy Pinephone for $150 will not be able to, since the phones are out of stock, bought by someone else to reself for more.
That behavior may not be supportive of the community but, it is capitalism. And community members always have the simple choice NOT to buy...

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