but this are a big device!
tell me why not 16x9 screen? keyboard are wide (rectangle not box)
No i would like similar this
[Image: 2141704]but with touchbar, pgup, down, etc.
7" netbook is just the right size, otherwise you've go the 6" 21:9 Psion 5 or Gemini PDA form factor.

Keep in mind I had an Atari Portfolio that was basically in between.
[quote="Secular_Squirrel" pid='49262' dateline='1566717655']
I'd be interested in one of these, might prefer it with the RK3399 Pro chipset though. I'd pay a bit more for that too.
There's a lot of people on the Gemini, GPD and Zaurus forums who'd be interested in a PinePalmPro
Could you point us the exact topics ?
+1 for some PinePalm Big Grin As someone who turns on one of those Osaris PDAs ( once every year-or-so from nostalgia, I would love to get my hands on something in this form factor.

Using a 360 degree hinge could transform it into a decent phablet (re-use PinePhone development with touchscreen?) and decent netbook. But the hinge could easily place it outside of the price range. The Sony has a great design as well.
(09-03-2019, 05:22 AM)speculatrix Wrote: There's a lot of people on the Gemini, GPD and Zaurus forums who'd be interested in a PinePalmPro

Many developers, many users. Yes , good idea

As a “normal” linux device this would not be useful for me.

However, I remember very fondly my Psion PDA with a similar form factor.

So I think at least some users could warm to a device like this if it provided a similar usability as the Psion.
This would require to tailor the hardware a bit into  that direction, mostly the keyboard I guess to support keyboard driven operation and then there would be the software...

Good discussion though, lets see if something comes out of it :-)


Just found these Gemini PDA devices and they seem to come quite close to a Psion ..
Tempting tempting.

Not much info about the software though. A standard Android or Linux would be of no use to achieve the great productivity of the Psion
[quote pid='49712' dateline='1568186717']
Gemini, Palm

Yes, psion have nice keyboard, but gemini not. no altgr and not input my language char.

In my opinion small PDA like CLIE PEG-UX50 
or sony wide screen 16x9 or more like sony pocket.

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