Hardware Decoding
I would like to know as much as possible regarding hardware decoding on the Pine A64+

For example does it have Mpeg2 and H.265 hardware decoding ??

Reading on the OpenElec forum i came across a post talking about the RPi-2 not being able to do it..


At the moment i'm using an older device from cloudmedia known as the Popcorn Hour A-110 that has an old SoC from Sigma Designs. And it's able to play full HD.

At the moment there are the more expensive systems Like the Popcorn Hour A-410 with a newer chip from Sigma Designs the SMP8911 That can handle pretty much anything.. Of course there is a hefty price tag on that chip..

But there seems to be a different SoC from Rockchip the RK3288 That seems to handle almost anything out there..
My question is where should i place the Pine A64+ compared to the RockShip ??

interesting reading about the chip.

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