Networking Issues
OK, so I got my Pinebook Pro this week, and ran into a strange network configuration issue (with the default Debian OS): I can only access part of the internet ... a couple of the hosts I can't get to are and (!)

I have a hidden (non-broadcast) wifi router with manually configured hosts (no DHCP) so I set up the PBP the same as every other device on my home network (had to create the connection first, the go back and edit the IPV4 setting since I don't use DHCP). I can get to some things (google, youtube, pine64,.org, ... haven't tried alot) but other destinations like github are "Destination Host unreachable" when I ping by name or IP.

When I type "netstat -rn" I see an extra route for I think is associated with "link-local" (IPV6?) Don't know where that's set or how to get rid of it. I removed the entry by hand using the route command, but it didn't fix my problem.

I tried the latest debian build (dated 12/26) from an SD card with the same issues (not surprising). I also tried manjaro from and SD card, and things worked fine from there. No difference in how I set up the network, but the routing table was correct  and I seemed to be able to ping or connect to all of the hosts I tried.

Anybody have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?

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