Kali boot issues
Hi there. I recently flashed kali linux to my emmc module and I'm having some boot issues. I booted from an SD card using debian, deleted all partitions on the emmc, downloaded the kali image and then used 'dd' to flash it to the emmc module. After I shut down, pop out the SD card and then power up, the system boots into Kali just fine from the emmc, as expected. However, if I shut my pinebook off for a day or so and then come back and turn it on, all of a sudden it won't boot. I just get a solid red (amber?) light and blank screen when I power up. I've repeated this process multiple times with the same results. Initially I can boot no problem, but then it won't after being off for a while. It almost seems like there's something wrong with the emmc module....

Any ideas?

I may have spoken too soon. It seems there's an issue with PBP not booting after updating with apt-get in Kali, which has been recently addressed in a nightly release. I'm going to experiment with other OS's but assume for now that that was my issue.

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