EMMc to usb adaoter
(10-04-2019, 03:43 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Is the usb to EMMc adapter  that sells at the Pine store the correct one to pre-load the EMMc module for use in the Pine Book Pro  ?

             What are the different EMMc module speeds   r/w   ?

             Are those EMMc's for sale at the Pine store fast "in their class"   ?
                     ( Im sure someone will say they are slow compared to all the SSD's, but I know that)



I purchased one of these USB to eMMC adapters with a 32GB eMMC module. My desktop reads the eMMC module attached to the adapter. That gives me the ability to burn an image to the eMMC module and then to modify that image if necessary, from my desktop. Does that answer your first question?

For rated eMMC module R/W speeds, see page 17:


Are they fast in their class? 

Yes, are they the fastest? No. You can purchase the SanDisk 32GB eMMC from Pine64 (sequential R/W speeds 150/290 MBs) for $25 USD. Or you can purchase the Samsung (odroid-xu4) 32GB eMMC on Amazon (sequential R/W speeds 200/330 MBs) for $42 USD.

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