Smooth playback of 4K videos working under Ubuntu / mpv
One of the main reasons I bought my rock64 was in the hope of being able to use it to play 4K videos. Although I have achieved that previously with libreelec, libreelec/kodi would always crash or reboot on me after a while plus I'd prefer to run a regular/proper Linux distro and mpv is a much more powerful video player than kodi is.

Today I finally got 4K videos to play back smoothly using mpv under ayufan's bionic/lxde Ubuntu image. The secret, as disclosed by @fcoulombe on github, was to edit /usr/local/bin/rkmpv and add:


To the mpv options, which fixed the green lines and very jerky playback I was experiencing without. A lot of my videos require that I also use the switch

 --video-aspect=1.3333 (and --video-rotate=no)

as using that rids of the letterboxing.

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Smooth playback of 4K videos working under Ubuntu / mpv - by danboid - 10-27-2018, 01:15 PM

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