Need help on 4K Video playback
Hi guys,

I want to make myself a 4K video player with Rock64. I've got a 2GB version of it. I've tried some combinations of OS images and players. So far, my Rock64 can't play 4K video smoothly. No problem with 1080p videos. The list of OS and players combinations I tested is as below:

android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img + kodi-17.6-Krypton-arm64-v8a.apk

android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img + MX Player beta.apk

android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img + VLC Player (default player in the image)

LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.0-devel-201807011300-d46baa3-rock64.img + Embeded Kodi

LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.0-nightly-20180816-eef941c-rock64.img + Embeded Kodi

LibreELEC-ROCK64.aarch64-8.2-devel-20171004193222-r26173-gd404dbb.img + Embeded Kodi

Armbian_5.42_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.124_desktop + Embeded MPV

Could anybody please tell me how to configure my rock64 for smooth 4K video playing?

P.S. the 4K video I tested is encoded with H.265.

Thanks a lot!
What about RKMC in the android version?
(08-18-2018, 08:09 PM)leonqin Wrote: So far, my Rock64 can't play 4K video smoothly...

You must define "smoothly" and "video source parameters". There is many problems/bottlenecks (hints for linux not android):
  • videoplayer must use HW acceleration/MPP "cat /sys/kernel/debug/pm_genpd/pm_genpd_summary" must be "active" during video play without postprocessing and must use direct DRM output (check this)
  • memory and CPU minimum speeds should to be increased for 4k(HDR) (check hints)
  • 4k video with 24/25/30/50 FPS should be ok, 4k video with 60 FPS sometimes not because rockchip MPP performance problems (check performance test)
  • your source of video file (sdcard,emmc,nfs,smb...) should have sufficient bandwidth
  • search this forum for more hints
I left this community in Aug 2019 due to PINE64 refusal to produce/deliver ROCK64-1G version 3 after more than one year of changing statuses to "planning", "evaluating", "releasing", "availability", "estimated availability" and finally "no schedule" Angry. ROCK64 is dead platform without any advantage. Buy Raspberry PI 4 !
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(08-18-2018, 11:48 PM)soerenderfor Wrote: What about RKMC in the android version?

Yes! RKMC works! 

Thank you very much!
(08-19-2018, 06:28 AM)leonqin Wrote:
(08-18-2018, 11:48 PM)soerenderfor Wrote: What about RKMC in the android version?

Yes! RKMC works! 

Thank you very much!

No problem, way better picture quality with Rockchip than Amlogic.

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